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We are equipped with advanced testing facilities which assist us in rigorous testing of the products.
  • Hot Air Oven : For Testing of Filter Fabric (withstand Capacity)
  • Dynamic Balancing : For Dynamic Balancing of Fan Impeller, Rotary Valves, Rotor etc
  • Tachometer : For RPM Test
  • Vibro meter : For Vibration Testing of Fan etc
  • Noise Testing machine : Noise Testing
  • Fan Test Bed with : For Mechanical Test run of fan. (20 HP, 40 HP & 75 HP)
  • Elco Meter/ Micro Meter : Thickness of painting
  • Flow Meter : For Volume Testing
  • X-Ray Test : For Welding Test
  • Rotor Calibrator : For Calibration of Bal Machine
  • DP Test : For Welding
  • Winching Machine : For material shifting

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